Светодиодная вращающаяся голова Spot, 320W

1 год

LED Moving Head Spot 320W, Zoom 10°-40°, with Iris
* LEDs: COB 320W, cool white, 8000K
* 2 Color wheels, each color wheel: 7 colors + open
* 1 Static gobo wheel: 7 metal gobos + open
* 1 Rotate gobo wheel: 7 gobos (3 glass+4 metal) + open
* 2 Prisms (3-facet circular prism,  3-facet linear prism)+ 1 Frost + 1 Iris

Light Source :320W White LED Module
Lifetime:  50000hours
Color wheel:
Version 1: 2 color Wheels,1+7colors for each
 Version 2: 1 color Wheel,1+7colors
Changeable speed bi-directional rainbow effect
Gobo wheel:1pcs rotation Gobos wheel,1pcs fixed gobo wheel
7 changeable Gobos,be installed glass pattern and a metal piece,The bidirectional variable rotation, index functions,changeable speed shake effect、 bi-directional changeable speed and flow effect
8pcs fixed gobos
Prism:1 pcs prism(3,8,16,24 facet option) ,The bi-directional variable rotation
Iris:Linear adjustable with macro
Soft lighting:1pcs independent scrim
Focus:DMX linear focus
Dimmer:0-100% linear dimmer
Strobe:Electronic strobe,0.3-20Times/SEC
Movement:Pan540°,Tilt270°;Automatic reset function
Angle:10°~40°linear regulation
Control mode:International standard DMX512,3-pin、5-pin DMX512
Standard mode 22 channels,sound control mode,Standalone mode,self-inspection mode
Other function:
Fast automatic focus when it zoom
Adjustable speed of X/Y
Display lamps and lanterns use time,Show software version number,Software update
Intelligent control of wind speed
Unique constant voltage drive, no damage risk of beads
100% brightness without stroboscopic problem 
Manual programming function
Manual fine calibration function
Intellectual property rights of appearance and structure design 
Environmentally friendly flame retardant materials
High temperature resistant engineering plastics
 IP Grade  IP20
Net weight 19kg